oral health consultation and follow up

oral health consultation

Oral Health Consultation and follow up

A dental consultation is a non-invasive visit to your dentist where you can discuss your issues, concerns, and treatment options. A small consultation fee is charged to cover our time. If you’re considering any major dental procedure, a consultation is a good idea, and can be important for several reasons. That include the following.

  1. Establishing your total oral health

    Oral Cancer Screening

    A check for signs of potential Oral Cancer as early diagnosis and swift treatment is critical

    Gum Health Check

    Gum disease is something that primarily takes two forms – Gingivitis (inflammation of your gums) and Periodontal Disease (disease affecting the supporting tissues of the teeth). If left untreated, this can potentially lead to bleeding, pain and tooth loss. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of solutions that can treat and possibly cure these issues! Ongoing maintenance with the hygiene team will keep you healthy.

    Teeth Health Check

    This is to check for tooth decay, wear and damage to fillings, teeth and other restorations. Decay is the primary reason for treatments such as fillings or even tooth extractions.
    Lifestyle Check – Helping educate our patients around the dangers of excessive sugar intake, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are crucial here too.

    Dental X-Rays

    X-Rays are taken to check for decay, assess bone and assess the health of your teeth and the surrounding gum and bone, which supports your teeth and ultimately keeps them in your mouth!

  2. Exploring your treatment options

  3. Establishing rapport

  4. Understanding benefits and potential risks

  5. Checking eligibility

  6. Costs and payment options




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